Science Fiction (often shortened to sci-fi) is a genre of fiction defined by setting details such as imagined futuristic science and technology. They are often set on other planets, in space, or on futuristic Earth. Futuristic can mean 20 years in the future, 200 years, or even 20,000 years. They can also be set in the modern day, but with history changed by some event (e.g. human's brains did not develop the idea of war or religion).

Common Elements Edit

- A post-apocalyptic era. Things like starvation and radiation poisoning are common.

- A totalitarian government that enforces incredibly strict laws on the people. These stories often concern a rebellion, sometimes led by a government official.

- Many of Earth's current problems (global warming, disease, hunger, energy) have been solved.

- Extraterrestrials.

- Weapons and technology in general have become more advanced than current technology.

- May take place in any time period, but generally occurs in the future.