These are the rules we have for editing this wiki.

  • Use proper grammar and spelling when editing. Use a spell checker (either in your browser or a word processing program). Absolutely no chatspeak/netspeak/leetspeak. Make sure to use proper punctuation (capitalization, periods, commas, et cetera).
  • If you notice an error, by all means fix it, or at least send a message to someone else.
  • Use professional style when editing articles. Do not refer to yourself (I think that...) and try not to refer to the reader (you should...).
  • This is a wiki about fiction writing, not fiction reading. Fiction Writing Wiki does not want articles on books or authors. It is okay, however, to provide examples of certain literary devices (e.g. X author uses X device a lot in his/her books).
  • Vandalism (deliberately messing up articles) will not be tolerated.

Failure to follow them can (and will if the offenses are severe enough) result in a temporary or permanent ban from the wiki. Vandalism will always result in a ban.

The reason they are in all categories is to increase visibility.