An infodump is when the writer puts in too much information in a single scene. It is common in fantasy and science fiction since there are a lot of made-up elements.

Common Infodump Hideouts, and How to Avoid Them Edit

  • Infodump
    • How To Avoid

  • The prologue or beginning of a story is an infodump magnet, since the author has to describe the world, the characters, the this, the that, the everything.
    • Just explain as the story goes along. Add details in as they become relevant.
  • "As you know, Bob..." moments, where there are two characters talking about things that they both are familiar with just for the purpose of explaining to the reader. They already know, so why are they discussing it?
    • Have them explain to a character who doesn't know, or explain them outside of dialogue. Once again, only as they become relevant.