First-person point-of-view is a style of telling a story that is told from the head of one character, as if after the events of the story, he or she is telling someone else what happened. Stories written in the first person are told like: "I did this. I did that.". First person can be one of the hardest to pull off successfully.

Pros Edit

  • Allows the reader to see directly into the character's thoughts and feelings.

Cons Edit

  • Can only be told from the view of one person (unless there is a cast of first-person characters).
  • Hard to pull off successfully

Things To Be Aware Of Edit

  • All written words are from the head of the character, so the author must make sure to make the words fit for the character. Examples:
    • If the character is a teenage girl, then she won't be using words like "verbose" or "chagrin" very often.
    • If the character is a gruff old man, he won't be using much modern slang.