Comic Relief is the act of adding humor to a non-comedy story. It can be hard to successfully pull off, but well worth it.

Things To Do Edit

  • Don't use potty humor, and try to come up with your own jokes instead of relying on overdone ones.
  • Use comic relief only where it's appropriate. It can be used to spice up an otherwise boring scene, but if the scene is meant to be scary, sad, or serious, there is no place for it.
  • Don't make a character just to provide comic relief.
  • If someone makes a joke at another's expense, show some consequences, especially if the butt of the joke is powerful or influential. The general makes a joke about the king's stubby legs? Have the king force this general to clean the latrines for a day or so.
  • An author should never snap tension with a dumb joke. Don't build up suspense and then just reveal that X character was trying to scare someone in a dark hallway.