There are many different plots and plot elements out there, which, unfortuneatly, have been used so many times (either by published authors or amateur writers) that they are generally frowned upon, and authors are encouraged not to write about them. They differ from genre to genre.

Genres and Their Cliche Plots Edit

Fantasy Fiction Edit

  • Farmboy or other laborer living in a small, remote village finds some object which makes him the "Chosen One", who is the only one who can defeat the usurper or tyrant king.

Science Fiction Edit

  • A scientist creates a robot that turns evil and wreaks havoc on humanity.
  • Aliens invade Earth and try to kill off the human race.

Romantic Fiction Edit

  • A girl moves to a new school and the most attractive boy there ends up falling for her.
  • A boy and a girl hate each other at first, but fall in love by the end of the story.
  • A boy must choose between a stunningly beautiful yet cold-hearted girl and an extremely ugly one who turns out to be very kind. This kind of plot is usually paired with the equally cliche moral of seeing people for who they are and not how they look.

Action-Adventure Fiction Edit

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