Active voice and passive voice are two ways to say what is happening in a story.

  • Passive voice consists of;
    • He was running.
    • He was feeling worried.

Passive voice is when you use a "to be" verb, such as "am", "was", or "is" to describe action. You can say, "He was four years old" (provided that you're using past tense), or something of the sort when you are describing a person. Let's lay this down. Passive voice is fine when it is used to describe a state of being rather than an action, such as:

  • She was not about to let the invaders kill her mother and younger sister.
  • He was nearly incapacitated by the pain.

  • Active voice consists of;
    • He ran.
    • He felt worried.

Active voice is better for action scenes, like chases and fights. It can also be used to describe a person. Examples:

  • He had brown hair.
  • She looked majestic and formidable.